Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Keeping Healthcare Clean

Healthcare facilities across the Southeast are seeing patients by the thousands every day. With the threat of sickness and infection ever-present, it is essential that these facilities maintain a clean environment in every aspect of every building, from the bathrooms to the operating room.  Maintaining a clean healthcare facility not only dramatically wards off the possibility of infection, but also creates an atmosphere of professionalism among healthcare staff, and a feeling of comfort for those who visit.

At Southeastern Janitorial, we take this responsibility with the upmost sense of obligation to those who work and are treated in your healthcare facilities. Our vision is to become most-trusted choice for commercial janitorial services throughout the Southeastern United States therefore; we use the latest practices and best technology along with a professional staff to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Advanced Methodology

With an online work order system, our supervisors are able to collect details from property managers to create custom tasks lists for our employees so that no surface, nook or cranny is left unnoticed.

Southeastern Janitorial uses the most effective cleaning methods to increase efficiency and decrease costs for our customers. We also adhere to Green Sealed Certified cleaning practices to keep both patients and the environment healthy.

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Client Testimonial

Chris and Brandon are two seasoned & extremely innovative new owners in the janitorial business. Rest assured, Southeastern’s phenomenal growth for a relatively new company is just the tip of the iceberg for them and I am confident they will be the go-to guys in the Southeast within a very short period of time. I wouldn’t bet against them, I’d join them!
— Paul Hartley, SIOR - Senior Broker, NAI Avant, LLC