Manufacturing and Industrial

Experience a Hassle-Free Clean

Industrial parks and warehouses can be a hassle to manage without the right commercial cleaning company. Fortunately, Southeastern Janitorial has the experience, technology and vetted staff to support your nightly janitorial needs.  

At Southeastern Janitorial, our employees are our greatest assets which is why we hire based on experience, formal training and a positive attitude. To orchestrate the cleaning process, our detailed online work order system makes it easy for property managers to track our progress from a desktop or mobile device.   

Green Sealed Certified Practices

We  utilize the latest in Green Sealed Certified cleaning practices to minimize environmental impact and pollutants. With the power and professionalism of Southeastern Janitorial, you won’t have to worry about a maintaining a clean, safe work environment for employees. 

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Client Testimonial

In this business we value and need vendors that we can depend on, the first time we ask. With Southeastern Janitorial I never second-guess whether the issue will be resolved the first time. They consistently provide quality work at a very competitive price.
— Aimee Glover, Senior Real Estate Manager, CBRE | Asset Services