Waste Collection Services

Waste and Recycling Collection Services are the #1 Resident Voted Amenity; ranking above pools, gyms, and business centers.  By partnering with Southeastern Janitorial, you will not only enhance your property’s curb appeal, but you will also add ancillary revenue that will improve your NOI.

Below we have listed a few reasons why Waste Collection Services should be added to your property:

Improve Curb Appeal

  • Eliminate trash bags left on doorsteps and balconies for extended periods of time.
  • Leads to a cleaner dumpster area.
  • Greatly reduce the amount of leaks that appear in hallways and sidewalks.
  • Cleaner breezeways and sidewalks that can be an eyesore during tours of the complex.  


  • Obtain higher rents by offering a superior product.
  • Decrease resident turnover.
  • Increase occupancy rates.
  • Reduce the expense related to pressure washing due to the decrease in trash bag leaks.
  • Increase profits by adding the additional service.
  • No upfront fees.

Education & Transition

  • We provide all apartment units with a Southeastern Janitorial container.
  • We provide training and education to all residents through our online brochures and printable fliers.
  • We have an online work order system that allows for easy communication between the Southeastern Team and your property’s personnel. 

Waste Collection Process

Contact us today to start Waste Collection Services at your facility!



Client Testimonial

The members of the Southeastern Janitorial team strive to provide the best service and treat everyone with the utmost respect.
— Marilyn Johnson, RPA,FMA General Manager Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.